Welcome to National Sports Beat. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive sports information resource. Too often, sports coverage overlooks the local perspective of what’s going on with your favorite team. National Sports Beat has changed the way sports are covered on the web. We’ve tapped into the real pipeline of sports information - the fans and local sports beat reporters - and gathered one of the most extensive collections of sports resources on the internet.

We have collected the best resources for every professional sports team in the NFL, MLB, NBA and the NHL. From the regional newspapers and media outlets to fan blogs to the team message boards and forums, National Sports Beat has captured the heartbeat of the sports information world. We also provide national links and news feeds from the leading national sites like ESPN, CBS Sportsline and The Sporting News to name a few. No more scouring the Internet, jumping from site to site trying to get your sports fix. Just go to your favorite team’s page - bookmark it and enjoy!

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